Hello Marcin,

yes, you are right, it was a wrong link for the language file.

For the text fields: I tried it with Firefox version 31 (on Solaris 11), 
version 48 (on Ubuntu 16.04) and Chromium version 51 (also on Ubuntu 
16.04) and none of them displays the text fields.

Best regards,

Am 12.10.16 um 16:54 schrieb Marcin Haba:
> Hello Daniel,
> No, you have already everything from PHP to run Baculum :-) Baculum
> reports on white screen when some PHP dependencies are missing.
> Here you don't have language files and also HTML fields are not visible.
> To language files, you can look at ./protected/Lang/en/messages.mo
> On your side it can be dead symbolic link that you can update or you
> can copy messages.mo directly to "./protected/Lang/en/".
> To the problem with text fields, I have no idea so far. Could you tell
> me what web browser are you using?
> Best regards.
> Marcin Haba (gani)

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