Hello Daniel,

The JSMin.php is responsible for preparing minimal version of
javascript files. It minifies javascript code to faster load in web

In Baculum case the JSMin.php is used once when PRADO framework cache
is prepared. I think that it is this case that you shown in logs.

The interesting thing for me is that creating the cache took you over
30 seconds. I don't know what could cause it, maybe your hard disk
isn't healty or your server is overloaded.

I think that the cache from PHP framework can be incompleted and it
can cause problems, for example invisible text fields that you

You can rebuild this cache by removing content of 'assets' directory:


and then please refresh Baculum page. The cache will be rebuilt.

You can also check in system logs what has happened that time "Wed Oct
12 17:01:04 2016" that also caused cache problem in Baculum.

To not use JSMin.php you can alternatively switch Baculum to Debug
mode. Then javascript files will not be minified. It will require more
memory assigned to PHP in php.ini file. Switching to debug mode you
can do from web interface (checkbox at the page bottom) or in
settings.conf config in path:


Best regards.
Marcin Haba (gani)

On 12 October 2016 at 18:00, Daniel Heitepriem <dheitepr...@pribas.com> wrote:
> Hello Marcin,
> I figured it out. After looking at the error logfile of apache2, I noticed
> this line
> [Wed Oct 12 17:01:04 2016] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:
> Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
> /opt/baculum/htdocs/framework/Web/Javascripts/JSMin.php on line 139
> After that I set the execution time in php.ini to 5min (300seconds) and now
> the text boxes appear as they should. The rest of the configuration will be
> done tomorrow (european time)
> Best regards,
> Daniel
> Am 12.10.2016 um 17:41 schrieb Marcin Haba:
>> Hello Daniel,
>> I have never experienced this type of problem with HTML fields.
>> Could you tell me if you have some warnings or errors in web server
>> logs? You can also check errors on client side in web browser console
>> that is open usually by F12 button.
>> Thanks in advance for response.
>> Best regards.
>> Marcin Haba (gani)
>> On 12 October 2016 at 17:04, Daniel Heitepriem
>> <daniel.heitepr...@pribas.com> wrote:
>>> Hello Marcin,
>>> yes, you are right, it was a wrong link for the language file.
>>> For the text fields: I tried it with Firefox version 31 (on Solaris 11),
>>> version 48 (on Ubuntu 16.04) and Chromium version 51 (also on Ubuntu
>>> 16.04)
>>> and none of them displays the text fields.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Daniel
>>> Am 12.10.16 um 16:54 schrieb Marcin Haba:
>>>> Hello Daniel,
>>>> No, you have already everything from PHP to run Baculum :-) Baculum
>>>> reports on white screen when some PHP dependencies are missing.
>>>> Here you don't have language files and also HTML fields are not visible.
>>>> To language files, you can look at ./protected/Lang/en/messages.mo
>>>> On your side it can be dead symbolic link that you can update or you
>>>> can copy messages.mo directly to "./protected/Lang/en/".
>>>> To the problem with text fields, I have no idea so far. Could you tell
>>>> me what web browser are you using?
>>>> Best regards.
>>>> Marcin Haba (gani)

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