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> I'm not familiar with rsnapshot, but I'm curious how you manage rsnapshot
> archives on tape libraries which span multiple tape cartridges (other media)?

Ah, simply i put on tape the 'alpha.0' directory, the 'most recent backup'
in rsnapshot lingo.
It is marely a folder with all the file within.

> The main purpose of virtual full is to create "current" Full backup level 
> based
> on data already available on backup media without connecting to the backup
> client and making network traffic or any load on this client.

Exactly what i need, indeed...

> It is not meant to minimize archive space. The space required to save your
> backups will be the same regardless you execute virtual full or standard full.

No, probably i've explained not well...

If the (file) pool have 3 media (files), ad the full is on the first media,
with some incremental scattered between other media/file, the virtual full
how 'pack' incremental in respect to media/files?

>> Also, there's some way to 'offline init' a full backup in a 'VirtualFull',
> A full backup in Bacula can be saved on any media on any location. It is not
> required to make an "initial" upload. The incremental or differential backups
> does not use this "initial" data saved on media, but it is using catalog
> metadata only.

OK, so you are speaking of creating on the remote server, eg, a local storage
daemon to make a full backup to a local volume (on a USB disk, supposing)? Or,
eg, rsyncing the remote server to a local disk, connect tothe real storage
daemon and change temporarly the job definition to do an initial backup from
local content and not remote one?

How i can manage that in respect to volume names and file paths?!

The only solution that i see is to temporarrly move phisically the server
near the storage daemon and change temporarly the ip in the file daemon
definitition, do the initial full, and then return the server in place.

But clearly could be a bit problematic... ;-)


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