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>> Ah, simply i put on tape the 'alpha.0' directory, the 'most recent backup'
>> in rsnapshot lingo.
>> It is marely a folder with all the file within.
> So you are using a tar command for that, right? Then how do you restore data
> directly from tape?

No, sorry. 'rsnapshot' is a simple frontend to rsync, that, barely, create a
folder tree using levels by default at alpha, beta, gamma, ...
rsnapshot use hard links to reduce space on disk.

So, if i need to put the backup on some media (eg, tape) i can simpy put
'alpha.0', the most recent backup at the most lower level, instead of the
original content.

I hope i was clear now.

> Virtual Full simply creates the next media and copies all required data from
> source media (your 3 current media in the pool).
> During copy Bacula skip all files marked as deleted in all Incremental or
> Differential backups. This procedure makes new (Virtual) Full backup
> indistinguishable from backup performed on the backup client.

I thing i've missed a point here... i've defined as 'Next Pool' the pool
itself, and i think it is not permitted: i need a pool for incremenetal, and
a pool for the full. Right?

> I do not understand your requirements. What is an "initial backup" you want to
> make? Are you referring to the first Full backup which has to be executed on
> the client?

Exactly. VirtualFull can be (at least for me) a very good way to backup 6TB
data on a 10 Mbit/s link, because data vary low.
But still i need a way to do the first full...

> If yes and your network transfer speed is a main limiting factor in this case
> then the best solution is to make a small first "Full" and gradually add data
> to backup with incremental or differential levels.

You mean 'gradually' poking with filesets (eg, today dir 'a', tomorrow dir
'b') or i can define a job that transfer at most 1GB (for example) and
simply do a (very!) long sequence of incremental job?


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