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> I never used rsnapshot with tapes and I'm very curious how do you "put a
> rsnapshot backup on tape"?
> How? What command do you use? Do you use any external tools for that, i.e. a
> tar?

I simply install a bacula client on the same rsync server, then add a
client, pool, ... on bacula server and add a fileset that backup 'alpha.0'

> To test Virtual Full scheduling is not important at all. Important is to
> properly configure all other parameters, i.e. a Pool and Job.

Pool definition:

 Pool {
        Name = VDMTMS1FilePool
        Pool Type = Backup
        Volume Use Duration = 1 week
        Recycle = yes                         # Bacula can automatically 
recycle Volumes
        AutoPrune = yes                       # Prune expired volumes
        Volume Retention = 21 days            # 3 settimane
        NextPool = VDMTMS1FilePool

Job definition:

 Job {
        Name = VDMTMS1
        JobDefs = DefaultJob                                    # Piglio i 
default da qui
        Storage = PPPVE3File
        Pool = VDMTMS1FilePool
        Schedule = WeeklyLinuxProgressive
        Backups To Keep = 21
        ClientRunBeforeJob = "/etc/bacula/scripts/debian-client-before"
        Client = vdmtms1-fd
        FileSet = DebianBackup
        Write Bootstrap = "/var/lib/bacula/VDMTMS1.bsr" # File di bootstrap
        Max Run Sched Time = 48 hours

'DefaultJob' is:

 JobDefs {
   Name = "DefaultJob"
   Type = Backup
   Level = Incremental
   Schedule = "WeeklyCycle"
   Messages = Standard
   Priority = 10 
   Allow Duplicate Jobs = no
   Cancel Lower Level Duplicates = yes
   Max Run Sched Time = 8 hours

> What do you mean by upper bound on job size? Bacula does not limit the size of
> your job in any case.

OK, now is clear; i've surely misunderstod before...

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