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I do not understand your requirements. What is an "initial backup" you want to
make? Are you referring to the first Full backup which has to be executed on
the client?
Exactly. VirtualFull can be (at least for me) a very good way to backup 6TB
data on a 10 Mbit/s link, because data vary low.
But still i need a way to do the first full...

If the client is on the other end of a 10Mbps link, then the options are to make the initial full backup over the slow link or temporarily move the client to the site where Dir/SD runs just to make the initial full backup. Another more convoluted way that doesn't involve moving the client machine or taking it offline for a long time is:

Clone the client's data disks, making sure that the filesystem UUIDs are identical, and take them to the server's site

Create a basic VM and install bacula client, using the same client config as the real client

Attach the cloned disks to the VM, making sure that they are mounted at the same mountpoints as the real client.

Alter the Director's config for the client to reflect the VM's address

Run a full backup of the VM

Change the Director's config for the client back to the client's real address

The first incremental backup will be larger than normal because the basic VM's root partition isn't a clone of the real client, but I assume that most of the data is on the cloned disk partitions.

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