Hello Martin,

>>     I have a few comments.
>>     - Do you have really monolithic config files? They are bad to read
>>     and old school :-). 
> In reality the config files are split via the @ operator (one file for pools, 
> one for storage, one for job templates and schedules, and one for each of ca. 
> 100 clients in a subdirectory)... I just reduced it for better readability 
> and kept only one job for each pool.
Since 16.2 you don't need the @ operator any more if you use the new
directory structure.

>>     - For me your configuration is more complex than needed. E.g.
>>     Storage definitions at Pools, Jobs and JobDefs is too much.
> There is no Storage definition in the Jobs. But Indeed I could remove the 
> Storage= statement from the JobDefs without error (IIRC I got an error 
> message for that some time and some versions ago).
Sorry, I saw the catalog backup job has a storage definition.

>>     Probably this complex configuration is the reason for your
>>     challenge.
> Yes, but I see no way to reduce complexity... Sadly Bareos still thinks in 
> "Tapes", frankly the limit of one concurrent Job per "Device" is hard to work 
> around... So I have to split Full, Diff and Incr for different retention 
> periods, and also split in different Pool sets in an attempt to get at lease 
> partial parallelism.
Or more then one device per storage definition.
Another way could be spooling, but I never worked with this.

Cleaning the JobDefs and Storage definition should make your
configuration more clear and straight.



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