Hallo Martin,

> I have a success, see below :)
That's fantastic!

>>     Since 16.2 you don't need the @ operator any more if you use the new
>>     directory structure.
> Yes, the config tree stems back to good ol' Bacula 5 times... I did not get 
> around to "migrate" to the new bareos-dir.d style. But I do not know if 
> bareos does filtering based on filenames, with my '@|"sh -c 'for f in 
> /etc/bareos/clients/*.conf ; do echo @${f} ; done'"' I can safely ignore 
> editor backup/swapfiles and disable jobs by renaming them to 
> .conf.disabled....
It works like you want.
I found only one small point. Updates generated here everytime default
files like "BackUpCatalog.conf" or "bareos-dir.conf". I ignore the not
needed files and set them to 1 Byte ("#").

>>     Cleaning the JobDefs and Storage definition should make your
>>     configuration more clear and straight. 
> Indeed, apparently the nested JobDefs were the culprit. I flattened them 
> (Cut'n'paste all settings to the three "group" JobDefs, and removing the 
> top-level one).
> This night, I got up to 9 parallel jobs (woohoo!). Many of them failed due to 
> SD errors, as the number of concurrent jobs on the director's Storages 
> exceeds the ones on the SD (I assume it would figure this out automatically, 
> so I'll align them and see what happens tonight).
allowed nested JobDefs and bad behaviour
not allowed nested JobDefs without error and bad behaviour

Bad bug :-(
Good to know your configuration works now and you are happy with bareos



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