I have a success, see below :)

Am Dienstag, 6. März 2018 12:05:09 UTC+1 schrieb Stefan Klatt:

>     Since 16.2 you don't need the @ operator any more if you use the new
>     directory structure.

Yes, the config tree stems back to good ol' Bacula 5 times... I did not get 
around to "migrate" to the new bareos-dir.d style. But I do not know if bareos 
does filtering based on filenames, with my '@|"sh -c 'for f in 
/etc/bareos/clients/*.conf ; do echo @${f} ; done'"' I can safely ignore editor 
backup/swapfiles and disable jobs by renaming them to .conf.disabled....

>     Cleaning the JobDefs and Storage definition should make your
>     configuration more clear and straight. 

Indeed, apparently the nested JobDefs were the culprit. I flattened them 
(Cut'n'paste all settings to the three "group" JobDefs, and removing the 
top-level one).
This night, I got up to 9 parallel jobs (woohoo!). Many of them failed due to 
SD errors, as the number of concurrent jobs on the director's Storages exceeds 
the ones on the SD (I assume it would figure this out automatically, so I'll 
align them and see what happens tonight).



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