BareOS users,

I could use some direction for best practices to resolve when backups to disk
fill the disk.

Historically I've only been able to purge my entire installation (drop db,
delete everything on disk) to get back to a working installation. I've tried
deleting volumes with mixed success in the past.

My current 16.2.4 installation was getting better having resolved issues with
duplicate backups and not purging volumes. Now I'm in production and looks like
perhaps I just had too long a retention period.

Where can I begin to free some space and preserve the data and hosts I have
backed up already?

Russell Adams                  

PGP Key ID:     0x1160DCB3 

Fingerprint:    1723 D8CA 4280 1EC9 557F  66E8 1154 E018 1160 DCB3

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