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> The error means that you try to run some BBDB function or command in
> a buffer using mu4e-compose-mode, yet BBDB doesn't know this mode.
> I don't know mu4e, but it looks like mu4e-compose-mode is derived
> from message-mode which you use as an arg for
> bbdb-mua-auto-update-init.  The latter adds bbdb-mua-auto-update to
> message-send-hook.  So if mu4e-compose-mode is derived from
> message-mode, bbdb-mua-auto-update fails.  If you evaluate the
> following (or put it into your emacs init file), does this solve
> your problem?  (This adds mu4e-compose-mode to the modes associated
> with the MUA `message'.)
>   (let ((m (assq 'message bbdb-mua-mode-alist)))
>     (unless (memq 'mu4e-compose-mode (cdr m))
>       (setcdr m (cons 'mu4e-compose-mode (cdr m)))))
> If this solves the problem, I'll update bbdb-mua-mode-alist
> accordingly.

Yes, this is basically what I ended up doing:
#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(add-to-list 'bbdb-mua-mode-alist '(message mu4e-compose-mode))

Your version is much nicer, so I've adopted it.



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