There is an expert pref which you can set to allow the file list to gain keyboard focus. Cribbing from the "Expert Preferences" page of the Help book:


* In project windows, the file list does not accept keyboard focus by default, unless the editing view is hidden. You can modify this so
    that the file list gets the focus whenever you click on it:

[ by issuing the following Terminal command on a single line ]

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit ProjectsListCanAcquireKeyboardFocus -bool YES



 Patrick Woolsey
Bare Bones Software, Inc.             <>

On 3/5/18 at 6:07 PM, (Brian Christiansen) wrote:


After searching the user manual (love that thing) and this group, I can't find anything on getting around within the sidebar without taking my hands off the keyboard.
What I am picturing is,

1. Key combo to shift focus to the sidebar
2. Keys to move through the hierarchy, in the manner of navigating the Finder from the keyboard.
3. Perhaps CMD-O to open a file
4. Key combo to shift focus back to the editor pane.

Am I just missing it? I've wanted to do this for years, and have never gotten around to asking. The majority of my work is within Projects, so for me the Sidebar is there 95% of the time.

Thank you,

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