The port of bcm43xx from softmac to mac80211 is available for testing. There 
are two patch sets that 
can be downloaded from and be applied to 
kernel 2.6.23-rc1 or 
-rc2, the mainstream git tree (Linus's), and Linville's wireless-2.6 git tree.

The two files are, which installs 
the SSB driver, and, which has the changes for 
the bcm43xx driver. 
The resulting driver will use V3 firmware.

These patches are similar to the 4301 test driver that was circulated earlier. 
The major change is 
that the earlier version was trying to set the power too low. Once that was 
fixed, performance has 
become quite good, as shown below. I'm still working on the power setup, which 
may help the BCM4306.

Transker rates (xmit/recv in Mbs), obtained by using an Iperf server on my LAN

Bit Rate        BCM4311         BCM4318         BCM4306
set (Mbs)
1               1.17/8.66       1.22/9.39       1.22/3.73
2               1.96/11.2       1.98/12.5       1.90/4.98
5.5             4.15/17.7       4.19/17.7       3.98/5.09
6               4.86/17.3       4.86/19.9       2.66/4.94
9               6.58/17.7       6.56/19.9       3.26/5.01
11              6.57/14.2       6.54/18.5       6.07/5.20
18              10.7/19.6       10.7/20.2       4.74/5.05
24              12.6/19.6       12.8/20.0       4.12/5.34
36              16.2/20.1       15.9/20.1       4.76/4.90
48              17.9/20.0       15.1/19.6       3.70/4.18
54              19.0/19.8       15.1/20.0       1.83/2.64

These results look rather good for the later models - my BCM4306 has a PHY rev 
of 1. On this 
version, much more is required in the PHY setup, and we clearly have more work 
for that device.

Please let me know of any problems in applying the patches, or any oops's that 


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