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> Richard Jonsson wrote:
> > Isn't Desired TX power supposed to adapt so that higher bitrates are
> > possible, with Bit Rate going lower if that is not enough to keep a good
> > connection?
> It should, but this feature is not yet implemented. I have some test code
> to do this, but it is not ready. When it is, I'll send you a trial patch.
> Check if your system has a file names
> /sys/kernel/debug/bcm43xx/phyX/power_level. If it does, you can write new
> values for the Desired power into it. Values up to 18 are allowed.
I see, and thank you for the tip. I thought power_level was read-only.

> > 11M mode is unusable at all distances, 12M works fine. This probably
> > breaks rate scaling for me.
> Yes, it certainly would. My 4311 shows a little dip at 11 Mbs, but not as
> big as yours. Is your AP using b/g mode, or just g mode? What is the make
> and model of the AP?
It's a netgear wgt634u, most recent "stable" firmware, configured for B/G.

> > "rmmod bcm43xx" when kde is running hangs rmmod and prevents a clean
> > shutdown. I tried to find which program causes this while using bcm4301
> > driver, but so far no luck. System shuts down fine if I don't try to
> > rmmod first. rmmod works fine from runlevel 3 aside from this message
> > when inserting module again:
> > "net eth1: device_rename: sysfs_create_symlink failed (-17)"
> On my system, I routinely unload the module using 'modprobe -r bcm43xx'.
> Sometimes, it happens 20 or 30 times between reboots. These are always at
> runlevel 5. Only once or twice has it not completed. Are you using
> NetworkManager or using the traditional ifup/ifdown methods?
Networkmanager+knetworkmanager. killing these before rmmod doesn't help.

> > Nitpicking:
> > When changing bitrate manually it will not show up with iwconfig before
> > any traffic has occured.
> This is a mac80211 problem. My original version of the patch that
> implemented the "set rate" function loaded the new rate so that it would
> show up immediately, but that part was nixed. Complain on
Maybe I will. It's not that big of an issue, but still confusing for those 

> > Sometimes iwconfig link quality shows values in the whole 0-255 range.
> Do the Signal and Noise levels show -256 dBm at the same time? If so,
> mac80211 has not received any data.
Sometimes signal fluctuates at the same time, noise is pretty much always 
around -70dBm. I can't recall I've seen it show -256 for this driver.

> Larry

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