Am Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016 15:05:12 UTC+2 schrieb Jelle Spijker:
> Hi All,
> I'm running Arch Linux on my BBB, so no remoteproc for me :-( when working 
> with the PRU.
You're lucky, you didn't waste time for testing remoteproc.

> Because I work with prussdrv the program should be run with sudo. If that it 
> is the case the shared library can't be found, so I have to export 
> LD_LIBRARY=../lib/ for my super user.
prussdrv doesn't need root privileges, but the user needs at least read 
access to the interrupt handlers (/dev/uio[0-7]).

Regarding the linker issue: did you update the cache for the run-time 
linker (sudo ldconfig).

Fragment of the Shared library:
> void BBB::loadPRUfirmware(const unsigned int &number, const std::string 
> &firmwareLocation) {
>     //Initialize structure used by prussdrv_pruintc_intc
>     tpruss_intc_initdata pruss__intc_initdata = PRUSS_INTC_INITDATA;
>     //Allocate and initialize memory
>     prussdrv_init();
>     prussdrv_open(PRU_EVTOUT0);
>     //Map PRU's interrupts
>     prussdrv_pruintc_init(&pruss__intc_initdata);
>     //Load and execute the PRU program on the PRU
>     prussdrv_exec_program(number, firmwareLocation.c_str());
>     // Wait for event completion from PRU, returns PRU_EVTOUT_0 number
>     //int n = prussdrv_pru_wait_event(PRU_EVTOUT0);
>     //prussdrv_pru_disable(number);
>     //prussdrv_exit();
> }
All prussdrv functions return a value (zero in case of success). What 
return values do you get?

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