I think you are probably reading some outdated information on the web, and 
there is plenty of that!

The default mode of the images should be to boot from microSD.  This is 
controlled by commenting/uncommenting a line in the file uEnv.txt:


"To turn these images into eMMC flasher images, edit the /boot/uEnv.txt 
file on the Linux partition on the microSD card and remove the '#' on the 
line with 'cmdline=init=/opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/init-eMMC-flasher-v3.sh'. 
Enabling this will cause booting the microSD card to flash the eMMC. Images 
are no longer provided here for this to avoid people accidentally 
overwriting their eMMC flash."

Look at the very last line in the file


I have a Ubuntu desktop, and I can mount the image file and modify the 
file, then flash to the microSD.
Typically I develop something booting from the microSD, and later uncomment 
the line in uEnv.txt and flash to eMMC when whatever I am developing is 
ready to be permanent.
One word of advice, don't buy cheap microSDs.  Get the more robust devices 
designed for heavy duty usage.


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