I downloaded this Ubuntu image (not a Debian image) and installed it on my 


Are you saying that if I uncomment that line in /boot/uEnv.txt and reboot, 
the image I just copied to the microSD will be copied to eMMC?
I assume that after flashing the eMMC, I must comment that line again to 
avoid flashing the eMMC on every boot.
Is it necessary to have the same image in both eMMC and microSD to support 
automatic booting from microSD?
I assume I must flash the 2GB image to eMMC, before I resize the microSD 
partition to 8GB (the 8GB image won't fit in eMMC).

My goal is to boot from an 8GB microSD everytime, not eMMC. I really don't 
care what's in eMMC, I want to reliably boot from microSD.

To confuse matters further, I noticed that there is also a "flasher" image 


What's the difference between the "microSD" and "flasher" images?

This is confusing.


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