I'm trying to hook up a PocketBeagle to a pololu Zumo chassis. After 
getting QEP0 to function I'm now struggling to get QEP2 going. Once I add 
the U-Boot overlay for it the PocketBeagle does not boot anymore. I'm 
guessing that I'm missing something in the device tree stuff for the 
PocketBeagle, and by now could use a nudge in the right direction :)

I verified that the hardware is ok by hooking things up to my old 
beaglebone white and the EQEP there reads things correctly.

I'm using bone-debian-9.2-iot-armhf-2017-10-10-4gb.img with kernel 
4.4.91-ti-r133 and the latest package updates.

In my boot/uEnv.txt I have made the following changes:


For the pb_eqep0.dts I used the latest 
https://github.com/beagleboard/bb.org-overlays.git as a basis. With this 
overlay the eqep sysfs entries appear and the position can be read like on 
my BeagleBone.

Once I uncomment the line with pb_eqep2.dtbo in the uEnv.txt the boot 
fails. I have collected the dts files and  the u-boot output in this gist:


I have tried:

   - just enabling the EQEP's by using config-pin but then the sysfs 
   entries do not appear (or maybe something else needs to be disabled in the 
   device-tree to make that work).
   - Merging the two dts/dtbo's but that leads to the same U-Boot output.

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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