well as you stated, so it is. I just got home from the office picking up 
the BBB and EVM board. Ran Xrandr and it spit out the resolution of 
640x360. so as you state, not doubting you just confirming, you were 
correct that the beaglebone would be set to the 640x360 resolution.

I'm seeing a couple things that isn't clear to me. The first is when ever I 
run xrandr the very first line is
         xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default
I've done some searching and I haven't found a clear resolution or what 
this even means. I've even attempted to set the gamma with no success. 

Next is the fact that the framerate is missing next to the systems 
available active resolution. I see
        640x360      0.00*

I followed instructions on generating a new system resolution. I started 
off with generating a new Modeline
      > cvt 640 360 60 
next I added the new modeline to create a new resolution
      > xrandr --newmode "newly generated mode"
When I do this I get back 
      > xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default
the instructions I have now have me adding the new mode to the list of 
resolutions available. 
      > xrandr --addmode default 640x360_60.00
and again I get the failed ...gamma ... default message.
now if I check xrandr it shows a new available option with a refresh of 60 
      > xrandr
however when I go to select this new option it doesn't switch it remains on 
the original/default value. 

So i've tried this as well. I'm assuming, and please correct me if I'm 
wrong, but it doesnt matter what the number is next to the resolution. Its 
still limited by what the BBB can push out over the parallel bus? if the 
vsync is fixed at 23.6hz on the BBB and the DLP2000 is capable of 60hz, is 
there a way to control the vsync or I guess more specificly, the peripheral 
clock. Can I adjust this to increase the transfer rate from the BBB to the 


P.S. Thank you so much for your insight. I do appreciate it. 

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