Webkemmi wrote: 
> I did a complete CLEAN install of the latest nightly with only the
> default plugins on my w2k12r2 server, cleared up all LMS settings and
> logs before, changed the switch for testing - the whole work was in
> vain.

You can get rid of far more than just non-default plugins. Most or all
of the default plugins are unnecessary. I don't even remember which ones
are enabled by default any more. One that's really good to get rid of is
UPnP/DLNA, unless you actually need LMS to function as a UPnP server. Go
down the list, read the descriptions, decide which ones you absolutely
can't live without, get rid of everything else.

Try that first, but if this is something that mysteriously happens after
LMS has been running for a couple of days, you could also try restarting
LMS nightly. Create a small batch file on your server and use the
Windows task scheduler to run it in the middle of the night.

  @echo off
  net start | find /i "Logitech Media Server">nul
  if not ERRORLEVEL 1 net stop "Logitech Media Server"
  net start "Logitech Media Server"

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