Trust me when I say it must be something else in your system which changed. LMS didn't see many changes recently. And your case seems to be pretty isolated. So my bet is an update in some other software you're running is causing the problem.

Try to get rid (not just disable) eg. Kaspersky, any other software you don't really, really need. Or set up a VM with the same configuration you have on your main system, then go from there.

The repeatedly logged issue most likely stems from some client software polling LMS for status information. This could be the web UI, or some mobile app. Try to shut them down (like: really, not just backgrounding in case of a mobile app). All of them.

And again: the screenshot you posted of the player list imho doesn't look "normal". It's using some fixed-width font. Where does it come from?

Do you have any other system (software or hardware) interacting with your LMS, other than the five players?


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