Given the general enthusiasm, and lack of major criticism, for the
`SIGHASH_NOINPUT` proposal, I'd like to formally ask the BBEs (benevolent
BIP editors) to be assigned a BIP number. I have hacked together a
simple implementation of the hashing implementation in Bitcoin Core [1]
though I think it's unlikely to sail through review, and given the lack
of ground-work on witness V1 scripts, I can't really test it now, and
only the second commit is part of the implementation itself.

One issue that was raised off list was that some fork coins have used
sighash 0x40 as FORKID. This does not conflict with this proposal since
the proposal only applies to segwit transactions, which the fork coins
have explicitly disabled :-)

I'm looking forward to discussing how to we can move forward to
implementing this proposal, and how we can combine multiple proposals
into the next soft-fork.


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