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>> Given the general enthusiasm, and lack of major criticism, for the
>> `SIGHASH_NOINPUT` proposal, [...]
> So first, I'm not sure if I'm actually criticising or playing devil's
> advocate here, but either way I think criticism always helps produce
> the best proposal, so....
> The big concern I have with _NOINPUT is that it has a huge failure
> case: if you use the same key for multiple inputs and sign one of them
> with _NOINPUT, you've spent all of them. The current proposal kind-of
> limits the potential damage by still committing to the prevout amount,
> but it still seems a big risk for all the people that reuse addresses,
> which seems to be just about everyone.

If I can convince you to sign with SIGHASH_NONE, it's already a problem

> I wonder if it wouldn't be ... I'm not sure better is the right word,
> but perhaps "more realistic" to have _NOINPUT be a flag to a signature
> for a hypothetical "OP_CHECK_SIG_FOR_SINGLE_USE_KEY" opcode instead,
> so that it's fundamentally not possible to trick someone who regularly
> reuses keys to sign something for one input that accidently authorises
> spends of other inputs as well.

That was also suggested by Mark Friedenbach, but I think we'll end up
with more "magic key" a-la Schnorr/taproot/graftroot and less script in

That means we'd actually want a different Segwit version for
"NOINPUT-can-be-used", which seems super ugly.

> Maybe a different opcode maybe makes sense at a "philosophical" level:
> normal signatures are signing a spend of a particular "coin" (in the
> UTXO sense), while _NOINPUT signatures are in some sense signing a spend
> of an entire "wallet" (all the coins spendable by a particular key, or
> more accurately for the current proposal, all the coins of a particular
> value spendable by a particular key). Those are different intentions,
> so maybe it's reasonable to encode them in different addresses, which
> in turn could be done by having a new opcode for _NOINPUT.

In a world where SIGHASH_NONE didn't exist, this might be an argument :)

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