You should make a “0 fee tx with exactly one OP_TRUE output” standard, but 
nothing else. This makes sure CPFP will always be needed, so the OP_TRUE output 
won’t pollute the UTXO set

Instead, would you consider to use ANYONECANPAY to sign the tx, so it is 
possible add more inputs for fees? The total tx size is bigger than the OP_TRUE 
approach, but you don’t need to ask for any protocol change.

In long-term, I think the right way is to have a more flexible SIGHASH system 
to allow people to add more inputs and outputs easily.

> On 9 May 2018, at 7:57 AM, Rusty Russell via bitcoin-dev 
> <> wrote:
> Hi all,
>        The largest problem we are having today with the lightning
> protocol is trying to predict future fees.  Eltoo solves this elegantly,
> but meanwhile we would like to include a 546 satoshi OP_TRUE output in
> commitment transactions so that we use minimal fees and then use CPFP
> (which can't be done at the moment due to CSV delays on outputs).
> Unfortunately, we'd have to P2SH it at the moment as a raw 'OP_TRUE' is
> non-standard.  Are there any reasons not to suggest such a policy
> change?
> Thanks!
> Rusty.
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