Johnson Lau <> writes:
> You should make a “0 fee tx with exactly one OP_TRUE output” standard, but 
> nothing else. This makes sure CPFP will always be needed, so the OP_TRUE 
> output won’t pollute the UTXO set

That won't propagate :(

> Instead, would you consider to use ANYONECANPAY to sign the tx, so it
> is possible add more inputs for fees? The total tx size is bigger than
> the OP_TRUE approach, but you don’t need to ask for any protocol
> change.

No, that would change the TXID, which we rely on for HTLC transactions.

> In long-term, I think the right way is to have a more flexible SIGHASH system 
> to allow people to add more inputs and outputs easily.


But in the long term we'll have Eltoo and SIGHASH_NOINPUT which both
allow different solutions.

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