On Tuesday 18 January 2022 22:02:24 e...@voskuil.org wrote:
> The only material distinction between BIP9 and BIP8 is that the latter may
> activate without signaled support of hash power enforcement.
> As unenforced soft forks are not "backward compatible" they produce a chain
> split.

Enforcement of the Bitcoin consensus protocol is by users, not miners.

Softforks never produce a chain split. Miners can, and might try to do it to 
cause disruption in retaliation, but the softfork itself does not.

> It was for this reason alone that BIP8 never gained sufficient 
> support.

BIP 8 in fact achieved consensus for Taproot activation.

> This is one of the most misleading statements I've seen here. It's not
> technically a lie, because it states what "should" happen. But it is
> clearly intended to lead people to believe that BIP8 was actually used
> ("again") - it was not. ST was some technical tweaks to BIP9.

BIP 8 was used to activate Taproot.

> The outright deception around this one topic has led to significant
> unnecessary conflict in the community. Make your argument, but make it
> honestly.

You are the one attempting to deceive here.

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