On February 1, 2023 8:36:52 AM GMT, Kostas Karasavvas <kkarasav...@gmail.com> 
>With OP_RETURN you publish some data that are immediately visible in the
>blockchain. I would consider this better (more straightforward) for things
>like time-stamping.

You are incorrect. Time-stamps merely prove that data existed prior to some 
point in time. There is absolutely no need for anything to be published in the 
blockchain to create a timestamp. Indeed, efficient timestamps don't actually 
publish any meaningful data: for efficiency you always combine many timestamps 
into a single merkle tree; a merkle tree tip digest is meaningless data by 

OpenTimestamps does in fact use OpReturn rather than something more efficient. 
But it does this only because the efficiency gain isn't significant enough for 
me to have gotten around to improving it. Reducing fee costs by ~10% isn't a 
good use of my time.

>With Taproot you need to spend the utxo to make the script visible. This
>seems better when you don't want the data public but you need to be able to
>reveal the data when the time comes.

If your concern is the data being public due to OpReturn vs Taproot, you are 
confused and need to think more carefully about what exactly you are doing.
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