> This is a decentralized currency, and we should avoid centralizing
> decisions.  This is something that impacts the community at large, and
> deserves input and discussion at every level.
> I would suggest posting on all possible forums "proposal: switch to
> uBTC, labelled as ISO prefers (XBT?)" and see what sort of discussion
> is generated.  If the support is broad, it will be plain from the
> responses if there is a consensus.  Perhaps everyone will agree it is
> the best course, and we can make an easy change.
> But we need less "core dev fiat" not more :)
this seems like such a paint-the-bikeshed problem that it's sure to
generate vast volumes of discussion, waste a lot of people's time, and
all for only a dubious (imo) gain. (case in point - here i am
contributing to it :) ).

i agree that we should avoid centralizing this. i'll go a step further
and note that the client already has a dropdown allowing individuals to
choose units. merchants are free to choose to price in different units.
exchanges are free to denominate trade in different units.

i suggest we just let the market do its thing and not get into trying to
'make a decision' of any sort.

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