I highly recommend that if we make any move towards this, that the
> software show verification in both/all units.
> For instance, there should be 3 input fields, one for "BTC", one for
> "mBTC" one for "uBTC".  As the user enters a value in one of the fields, it
> would automatically update the other fields with the converted value as
> they type.  This makes it really difficult to get it wrong... if you're
> typing "10" into the BTC field, thinking it's mBTC, you'll see 10,000 mBTC
> showing up in the other box as you type.  Similarly, it should display all
> units on all verification windows.  Users may also use it for sanity
> checking conversion between units.

Good point - For me its too much clutter to show multiple boxes everywhere
(we already support unit conversion by changing the dropdown box in the
amount widget), but I'm going to make the verification dialog show the
totals in all three units. This will make people learn about other units
without having to choose them consciously.

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