On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 5:27 PM, Drak <d...@zikula.org> wrote:
> Unless something is recommended/done by the bitcoin core developers I doubt
> much will change at bitcoin user/consumer level.

While the sentiment is appreciated, it seems important to gently push
back a bit, and remind:

This is a decentralized currency, and we should avoid centralizing
decisions.  This is something that impacts the community at large, and
deserves input and discussion at every level.

I would suggest posting on all possible forums "proposal: switch to
uBTC, labelled as ISO prefers (XBT?)" and see what sort of discussion
is generated.  If the support is broad, it will be plain from the
responses if there is a consensus.  Perhaps everyone will agree it is
the best course, and we can make an easy change.

But we need less "core dev fiat" not more :)

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