I think
* if we change to mBTC because your state currencys price for bitcoin
make this a valid option we will change again in future
* users do not like changes
* we should keep a good standard

A good standard should be
* built on standards (e.g. SI)
* backed by best practice: never force the user to take an option he
cannot change
* do not make changes without users permission
* take care of users at fault when entering 5.967 ot should be pointed
out before sending that e.g.
the sw understood 5967.000 000 00 BTC
instead of 5.967 000 00 BTC
because the user failed to use the correct delimiter.

For now a good standard is
* simply bitcoin as BTC with eight decimal places
or could be
* uBTC as SI prefix, probably using XBT as a symbol for compatibility
with other software
* satoshis (w. SI prefixes if numbers are to big) for regions where
decimal places in prices are uncommon

So I'd prefer:
Make the choice transparent to users and set a standard that the user
alway should be empowered to use all available decimal places.
And there should be a set of official test-cases for wallet software and
the desired behavior.

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