> BIP70 is quite safe agains MitB. If user copies URL belonging to other
> merchant, he would see the fact after entering it into his wallet
> application. The only problem is, attacker can buy from the same
> merchant with user's money. (sending him different URL) This can be
> mitigated by merchant setting "memo" to the description of the basket
> and some user info (e.g. address to which goods are sent).

I think BIP 70 does a good job at verifying where the payment request came 
from.  I’m not convinced this is the same as verifying the transaction (ideally 

> But if whole computer is compromised, you're already screwed. Trezor
> should help, but I'm not sure if it supports BIP70.

The reason for OOB verification is if the entire computer is compromised.  
Again, this may only be possible with a trusted intermediary or a web wallet.

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