Do you have anything that is NOT some web application?

2015-02-02 18:59 GMT+01:00 Mike Hearn <>:
> We're way ahead of you guys ;)
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 6:54 PM, Martin Habovštiak
> <> wrote:
>> Good idea. I think this could be even better:
>> instead of using third party, send partially signed TX from computer
>> to smartphone. In case, you are paranoid, make 3oo5 address made of
>> two cold storage keys, one on desktop/laptop, one on smartphone, one
>> using third party.
>      - does this already, currently in
> alpha
>> > It should be possible to use multisig wallets to protect against
>> > malware.  For example, a user could generate a wallet with 3 keys and
>> > require a transaction that has been signed by 2 of those keys.  One key is
>> > placed in cold storage and anther sent to a third-party.
> BitGo, CryptoCorp and (slight variant) GreenAddress all offer this model.

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