#7876: firefox-47.0, was: Firefox crashes often with gcc-6 (waiting for 47.0)
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 Replying to [comment:11 bdubbs@…]:
 > I suspect the reason for not needing autoconf before is that the time
 stamps on the files made it unneeded.  Something changed in 47 to make is
 needed by default.

 Yes, they added configure.py :-( Looks as if that is intended to
 replace the configure script. It has an option to read AUTOCONF from the
 environment, but when I try that I get
 autoconf: error: invalid option

 So it does indeed now need 2.13. But I don't think that installing it in
 /usr/local is a good idea - ideally, install the binary as autoconf-2.13
 in /usr/bin : I'm going to read Tushar's hint

 For the moment I'm on gcc-5.3, long way still to go on this. But I suppose
 I ought to take the ticket, and rename it to 47.

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