#10624: rustc-1.25.0
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 Firefox-60.0 (due in a bit over two weeks) needs a newer version of rustc
 than 1.22.0.

 As Pierre noted in #10503 it would be good if we could use system llvm
 with rustc.

 Not yet tested, my (limited) experience with 1.24.0 built with python3
 suggested that version worked more reliably than 1.23.0, but it needs
 extended testing.

 AFAICS, the next llvm major release should be after BLFS-8.3 so hopefully
 using system llvm might last for a few months.

 At the moment I'm just building it (without tests) to look at ff60-beta
 and to then see how reliably my scripts run when I use it.

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