#10624: rustc-1.25.0
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Comment (by ken@…):

 I'm getting back to my "I really hate rust" state!  About 24 hours ago I
 built 1.25.0 four times and installed it in /opt (three to confirm it
 would reliably build, although I noted the SBUs were variable, then a
 fourth time because I'd forgotten that the repeat script finished by
 wiping out /opt/rust.). And then I built firefox several times using
 /opt/rust/bin/rustc - an almost-complete build of 60-beta (I forgot that
 using my script would hide libcrmf.a, so that failed at the end), a build
 of 59.0.2, a vanilla manual build of -beta and then another with system
 graphite2 and harfbuzz

 Things looked good, so I decided to upgrade this system to -beta in /usr,
 for which I wanted to install rustc-1.25.0 in /usr. Left it building rustc
 in X, came back to an 80x25 tty instead of the normal 100xWhatever tty, so
 I assumed it had rebooted to my nouveau-based first system on this machine
 (I'm now using a radeon). But no, the only reboot was when I then pressed
 Ctrl-Alt-Del.  I'm retrying at the moment, it had failed during the rustc
 build and the syslog showed it had failed during stage2:

 Apr  6 04:44:05 origin kernel: [32318.734501] traps: backtrace.stage[3292]
 trap invalid opcode ip:7f770d540498 sp:7fff8a04b2f0 error:0 in libstd-
 Apr  6 04:44:05 origin kernel: [32318.761267] traps: backtrace.stage[3305]
 trap invalid opcode ip:7f2a670f3498 sp:7ffdf2cd6060 error:0 in libstd-
 Apr  6 04:47:48 origin kernel: [32541.823158] segfault-no-out[16965]:
 segfault at 0 ip 000055fd937ceb69 sp 00007fff8f94f100 error 6 in segfault-
 Apr  6 04:47:55 origin kernel: [32548.615545] signal-exit-sta[17770]:
 segfault at 1 ip 000055cc448b9efc sp 00007fff3879c310 error 6 in signal-
 Apr  6 04:47:58 origin kernel: [32551.276777] traps: simd-target-
 fea[18051] trap invalid opcode ip:562ab9dfc89c sp:7fff6be1eb50
 error:0 in simd-target-feature-mixup.stage2-x86_64-unknown-linux-

 For the moment, my general view on rust is that it's more trouble than
 it's worth.

 But compared to 1.23.0, at least this isn't a buildscript failing early
 but with status 0, this time it managed to crash Xorg. Not sure if that
 really counts as progress ;)

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