On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 03:19:45PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Last night I was trying to figure out how to set the dmesg log level in 
> systemd.  It turns out that it can be done with sysctl and set:
> kernel.printk = 4 4 1 7
> where the numbers are console_loglevel, default_message_loglevel, 
> minimum_console_loglevel, and default_console_loglevel.  The only number 
> we really are concerned with is the first.
> This can be done in either sysd or sysv, but it's not as simple as 
> setting LOGLEVEL=4 and then use dmesg -n $LOGLEVEL in a script which is 
> how we do it now.

 I think that ought to be documented somewhere in LFS.  Googling for
this, all that came up was a recommendation from Arch to pass
loglevel=4 [ they actually recommend 3 ] among the boot arguments.

 Also, I haven't ever needed to use sysctl in the past - it appears
to be something that is set at runtime, so if I had needed it I
would have put it in an initscript.  If I do this with systemd, how
am I _supposed_ to do it ? [ google is not helpful, or I've got the
wrong search args ].

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