On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 03:28:01PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Pierre Labastie wrote:
> > Le 21/04/2014 20:49, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> >> Pierre Labastie wrote:
> >>> Le 20/04/2014 23:26, Ken Moffat a écrit :
> >> For convenience I also have scripts to mount and unmount virtual file
> >> systems and to clean up $LFS prior to the start of a new build.  I also
> >> have an alias to enter chroot.
> > All that is also in jhalfs:
> > - make -C /mnt/lfs/jhalfs devices # for mounting virtual files
> > - make -C /mnt/lfs/jhalfs teardown # for unmounting them
> > - Cleaning is done if you tick "General Settings->Rebuild files"
> > - make -C /mnt/lfs/jhalfs chroot # mount the virtual files and enter chroot.
> > Unmounting is done automatically at exit.
> There are times when something fails in Chapter 6.  There it is nice to 
> be able to enter chroot via a simple alias: lfs='...'
> My mounting and unmounting does a little more.  For instance, I also 
> bind mount /usr/src so I can build non-lfs packages in chroot.
> My cleaning does more than that.  It removes $LFS/{bin,sbin,usr,...} 
> after unmounting virtual filesystems, and /usr/src.
> There are lots of techniques and I'm sure a lot of users develop their 
> own way of doing things.  Providing ideas is a good thing though.
>    -- Bruce

 Thanks to both of you for the suggestions.  I remember trying jhalfs
when I was on cross-lfs : yes, copying everything to /sources is
probably going to work, but it doesn't fit with the rest of my build
(particularly the BLFS part, and the sanity checks in my own scripts).

 There is also a deeper difference - jhalfs was originally a tool for
builders.  As an editor, my preference is to look at a new package
version on a completed system [ normally, just a DESTDIR ], see what
options I want to use [ e.g. omit static libs even in LFS, unless they
turn out to be required somewhere ].  Only once I'm happy that the
resulting _system_ is ok will I think about editing the XML.  And on
a desktop, the resulting system is normally my full normal desktop,
so that I can pick up knock-on effects in later packages.

 So, my method has the danger that the resulting instructions will
occasionally be incorrect (e.g. 'check' for 'test' in graphite).
The jhalfs method appears to require me to prepare the XML as a
first step before I have confidence it will work, and I continue to
feel that is back-to-front ;-)

 Anyway, I'm unlikely to progress far with my attempt to test
sysv-systemd for a while - got a problem in kernel 3.15.0-rc2 on one
of my machines [ blank screen on one of my radeon machines ], need
to take time out to explore that.  My weakest, slowest, machine -
of course.  The other two (R600, intel) are fine with rc2.

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