Ken Moffat wrote:

>   There is also a deeper difference - jhalfs was originally a tool for
> builders.  As an editor, my preference is to look at a new package
> version on a completed system [ normally, just a DESTDIR ], see what
> options I want to use [ e.g. omit static libs even in LFS, unless they
> turn out to be required somewhere ].  Only once I'm happy that the
> resulting _system_ is ok will I think about editing the XML.  And on
> a desktop, the resulting system is normally my full normal desktop,
> so that I can pick up knock-on effects in later packages.

Of course I do the individual check too, but I also need to build the 
whole system, in order, as a sanity check to make sure the system can be 
built according to the book as written.  I also need to check that the 
packages build in the chroot environment in the book order.  This was 
especially important when we added util-linux to Chapter 5.

   -- Bruce
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