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> Subject: Re: [blfs-dev] ImageMagick-6.9.5-8
> Paul Hentschel wrote:
> > Hello. This version doesn't appear to exist on the servers anymore. There
> > is a version 6.9.5-9. In fact, there is no -6, -7 or -8, but the
> > ImageMagick change log has them listed. It looks like they don't keep many
> > of the "-x" versions other than -10.
> We had a note in the book:
> The ImageMagick source releases are updated frequently and the version 
> shown above may no longer be available from the download locations. You 
> can download a more recent version and use the existing BLFS instructions 
> to install it. Chances are that it will work just fine, but this has not 
> been tested by the BLFS team. If the package version shown above is not 
> available from the locations shown above, or from the legacy/ directory at 
> ftp.ImageMagick.org/pub/ImageMagick you can download it from the BLFS 
> package server at ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/blfs/conglomeration/ImageMagick/.
> It looks like we need to put that back into the book.

One might wish to consider including in the book an alternative:





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