I finally got chromium to build. There wee several false starts, mostly my fault.

However there is one area that we need to add. The build failed after about 2600 packages because it could not find GL/glx.h. For me that is in /opt/xorg/include/GL.

To fix it, I added to my script:

 export C_INCLUDE_PATH='/opt/xorg/include'         &&
 export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH='/opt/xorg/include'

I'm not sure the first is needed as I think everything is c++, but I added both because it takes so long to build.

Here are my stats:

3614.4 Elapsed Time -  chromium-53.0.2785.143
450084 /usr/src/chromium/chromium-53.0.2785.143.tar.xz SIZE (439.535 MB)
6227460 kilobytes BUILD SIZE (6081.503 MB)

Note that the system automatically used all 12 cores that I have. Even so, a full hour is one of the longest build times in the book. I can build a full LFS system (sans tests) in 45 minutes.

I will say that the browser is noticeably faster than either FF or SM.

  -- Bruce
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