On 10/18/2016 12:02 AM, DJ Lucas wrote:

Oh wow, I hadn't even considered /opt/xorg. I've been building in /usr
for so long, it just didn't occur to me. Probably need to build one with
both xorg and kf5 in /opt. They ditched gyp for 54, but still use ninja.
I'll see how those carry over when I get to it. Arch and Gentoo are
still having some issues with it as well (at least yesterday, I haven't
checked tonight yet).

UGH! :"> Sorry for a more personal and OT post than is usual to list. I didn't even look. I thought it was a response to a previously off-list post to Bruce about the concurrency script for Chromium.

What's quoted above is really the only relevant part to the original message, but feel free to enjoy my babbling. If not obvious, Jackie is my wife. These are the kind of messages that mostly Bruce and Douglas have had to put up with lately. They are usually much longer! :-)

Pierre, I was going to wait until I had something more concrete to present to you, but what do you think about moving the java cacerts file and doing the update all in one shot, preferably from a single script?


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