On 10/17/2016 11:11 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
I finally got chromium to build.  There wee several false starts, mostly
my fault.

However there is one area that we need to add.  The build failed after
about 2600 packages because it could not find   GL/glx.h.  For me that
is in /opt/xorg/include/GL.

To fix it, I added to my script:

 export C_INCLUDE_PATH='/opt/xorg/include'         &&
 export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH='/opt/xorg/include'

I'm not sure the first is needed as I think everything is c++, but I
added both because it takes so long to build.

Here are my stats:

Oh wow, I hadn't even considered /opt/xorg. I've been building in /usr for so long, it just didn't occur to me. Probably need to build one with both xorg and kf5 in /opt. They ditched gyp for 54, but still use ninja. I'll see how those carry over when I get to it. Arch and Gentoo are still having some issues with it as well (at least yesterday, I haven't checked tonight yet). I need a more powerful server, my aging laptop builds in half the time of my server, but I'm trying to hold out for a Naples build if I can -- 6 mos out if they keep their schedule, right in the middle of tax season. Jackie will be more pliable at that time, she gets a new car, I get a new server. Seem fair to me! :-)

I'm toying with the certdata stuff right this second. I was getting frustrated until I just wrote it out here. Basically, what I want to do is date the mozilla directory, if newer, dump certs, remove existing, and install directly, all of that separated out from make-ca.sh. make-ca.sh will update based on whatever is in /etc/ssl/local, run remove-expired-certs.sh on the result in /etc/ssl/certs, update the bundle, and if java is installed, update the java cacerts file. I don't know if it is valid to download directly. Ultimately, I want one script to do it all. I'm going to start over with an actual outline -- that's my real problem, shoot from the hip.

Ultimately, I'd also like to put the java cacerts in /etc/ssl as well, and put a symlink in the jdk tree, but I need to talk to Pierre about that first, see if he's cool with that. Oh, we'll have a new OpenJDK build shortly. New JavaSE is scheduled for release tomorrow, OpenJDK will follow shortly after, and the Icedtea harness shortly after that.

Only had a few minutes to work tonight, as WORK work got in the way. I've got to reboot a couple of servers and I'm calling it a night.


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