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I'm not sure what you mean.  LFS and BLFS are quite different.

LFS is designed to start at Chapter 1 and for the user to go through to
Chapter 9 in sequence.

BLFS requires the user to choose what applications are desired and install
those.  However to do that, dependencies have to be installed so there is a
dependency section for most packages.

Indeed, but that's not quite at the level I was talking about.

I was looking at adding a "Chapter 10" for my own local LFS book (one in which I
also add the PkgUser commands that get run in addition to the standard *LFS
build commands) but found that i coldn't just take a "package" XML source file
for some package out of the BLFS sources and stick it into the LFS sources
and rebuild the HTML.

I have just noticed, having caught up on the fact that 8.2 wa
released, that five
packages were moved from BLFS into LFS for the release, so presumably the
editors will have noticed the differences in the way the two books are
built from

Is that a bit clearer, or am I still not clear as to what you are saying?

That's clear enough. The books were initially developed at different times so there are differences. When we moved those packages from BLFS to LFS, there are differences, but we are familiar enough with them that it doesn't take long to make the changes.

The package info has to go to Chapter 3. The dependencies are removed (they are inherent in the build order). Changes are made to the preface, changelog, and appendices, etc. There may also be changes in the build instructions due to building in chroot.

  -- Bruce

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