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> That's clear enough.  The books were initially developed at different times
> so there are differences.  When we moved those packages from BLFS to LFS,
> there are differences, but we are familiar enough with them that it doesn't
> take long to make the changes.
> The package info has to go to Chapter 3.  The dependencies are removed (they
> are inherent in the build order).  Changes are made to the preface,
> changelog, and appendices, etc.  There may also be changes in the build
> instructions due to building in chroot.

Fair enough.

Except perhaps for

> ... The dependencies are removed (they
> are inherent in the build order).

which doesn't apply to the packages near the end of LFS Chapter 6, where,
as I have mentioned in the past, they are merely left in alphabetical order
(or were, last time I looked) and so make the SysV and SystemD books
look more different than they might actually need to be.

But anyway, thanks for the feedback, especially as I am merely thinking
out loud here but, has there been any thought in the past to making the
two "book builds" more alike; perhaps more akin to a Vol 1 and Vol2 within
the same "book" for rendering purposes?

Probably over thinking things but I was just taking a look at the LFS Chap6
and BLFS XML sources for shadow, as I recalled that that's one of the few
(perhaps the only ?) packagesl that exists in both, from the 8.0 book SVNs,
and they're close enough to suggest where the two book sources might be
more aligned somehow, for example

 - having the general-entities file appear at the same relative level
 - using &shadow-sbu instead of &shadow-time in BLFS, so as to
   echo LFS's &shadow-ch6-sbu

As I say though, just thinking out loud: cheers again.
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