On 08/04/2018 06:30 πμ, Ken Moffat wrote:
On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 04:01:11AM +0300, Thanos Baloukas wrote:
On 07/04/2018 11:57 μμ, Ken Moffat wrote:

The only problem the machine had was freezing on idle. In the beginning
I disabled the cool 'n quiet in the bios and that solved the problem.
Then I found this bug report,


I've been running cool 'n quiet without any problems (apart from
this) and using lm_sensors I can see CPU frequencies at 3592 MHz on
all cores, or a bit above 3600 on only one core - for a nominal max
frequency of 3500 - and much lower frequencies when less-busy)

To be clear, you turned off C6 if that is available as a bios
option, OR added CONFIG_RCU_NO_CB_CPU and added a boot argument of
rcu_nocbs=0-3 ?

Didn't play with C6 at all. Using a kernel with

# RCU Subsystem
# CONFIG_RCU_EXPERT is not set
# RCU Debugging
# CONFIG_PROVE_RCU is not set
# CONFIG_RCU_TRACE is not set

and rcu_nocbs=0-3 on kernel command line was enough.

Mine has a recent motherboard, the bios seems to be a few versions
on from what was initially used.

There is a new bios version for ryzen 2 for my motherboard, but I
thought it would be better to not update now, since the system is in a
good state and the update could make things worst. Ryzen 2 comes out in
a few weeks and I'll do the update (if and) when I'll get the new cpu.

Yes, RAM variations seem to have caused problems (although recent
bios updates are supposed to help).  Mine is 2666 but only 2x4GB.

With 2x16, while compiling with all cores I can do everything with no
lug at all.

For that, *many* thanks - it confirms the problem is only when
running the tests (or rather, there is no problem with building
or running firefox ;)

Yes, firefox-59.0.2 built with rust-1.25 runs fine.

I suppose that the segfaults, and reboots, might be down to a more
machine-specific issue.

Possibly related to not enough voltage fed to the cpu, which can be
addressed with bios updates. There are reports that overclocking the cpu
or increasing the voltages slightly, improves things, but as I said I'm
intending to upgrade soon, so I did not test anything for the moment.

Maths seems to still not be a strong point for the overall total :)

I noticed that too, but did not search further.

I'll also look at C6.  And I might have to leave it running even if
there are traps, to see if it reboots.


Thank you for your valuable contribution to LFS.

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