On 09/04/2018 06:36 μμ, Ken Moffat wrote:
Yes, I understood.  But in the absence of any other strategy I
decided to try it just in case (primarily because this was the first
time I'd seen 3.7GHz during this run and the load was fairly low.

I took a look at the bios options after I wrote that - but this is
the low-end A320 with no overclocking options for the CPU.  And the
RAM seemed fine in memtest86.  Will have another look later, there
was one BIOS option I need to research (soemthing like 'use AsRock
profile or AMD profile - I left it on the AsRock default), and maybe
RAM voltage can be adjusted.


I can't predict what ryzen 2 will be, the first generation however was a
lottery, so I thought that if I'll be unlucky and have to do battle with
some buggy cpu, I better have a full-featured motherboard in my arsenal.
AsRock here too, but X370 Taichi.

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