On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 01:24:46PM -0400, Alain Toussaint wrote:
> I have a nearly ready made system done with llvm 6 and rust 1.22.1:

I came to answer this because I couldn't remember if your question
at the end had been answered. But ...

> root [ ~ ]# llvm-config --version
> 6.0.0
> root [ ~ ]# rust
> rustc      rustdoc    rust-gdb   rust-lldb  

Umm, installed in /root instead of /usr/bin ?
> root [ ~ ]# rustc --version
> rustc 1.22.1
> root [ ~ ]# 
> I can try to build rust 1.25 and report back but are there any pitfall of 
> doing so when rust 1.22.1
> is installed?
> Alain

I think that so far everyone has had 1.22.1 installed when trying to
build 1.25.0.  In theory, using the previous versions of rust and
cargo (so 1.24.x for rust) can avoid the stage0 downloads with the
right settings - but we don't do that.

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