On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 03:04:40PM -0700, Paul Rogers wrote:
> > While watching rust build/test, I've been running top.  My past
> > experience suggests that a process will normally max out at 100%
> > (i.e. all of _one_ core), but with rust I'm seeing percentages of
> > 250-300%.  Is that normal ?
> It does not seem alarming to me with a multicore/hyperthreading CPU when it's 
> told (make) or is programmed to figure out how many, ummm, "processing units" 
> it can access.  I regularly see my 4+4 Bloomfield running make -j8 with all 8 
> running 95-100%.  ("I love the sound of the fan running up in the morning.")  
> In fact, I'm disappointed that running LibreOffice it only ever seems to use 
> one core. 8-(
> The one caution is that, with make running all 8, some jobs with comples 
> sources can over-commit its 12GB of RAM when running compiles with each 
> forking an embedded assembly, etc.

Like Bruce, you seem to mis-parse what I was saying.  Maybe you say
things differently in your country.

For 8 cores, 8 at 95-100% when compilign is normal and good (with a
load average possibly a bit above 8).  Similarly, on this 4 core
machine, 4 at 95-100% is normal and good.

With rust (and also with mprime) I've been seeing up to 400% for one

Actually, when I was retrying earlier the rust testsuite ran a
command called 'foo' at 250%+ : that command name was disconcerting.

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