On 04/10/2018 08:34 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:

Because of unbound problems I stopped using it on lfs 8.0 and use a static
config of for my address and use google dns servers listed in

I'll do this also for lfs SVN-20180323, just haven't got around to it yet.

I am writing this to call attention to the fact that unbound has called me
problems. It's not a show-stopper but I just wanted to mention it.

Are you using your provider's DNS with unbound ?  If so, maybe
either *add* google or replace what is there now with google.  I do
recall one other occasion where google's DNS was down for a little

My provider's dns was slow so I haven't used them in quite a while.
lfs SVN-20180323 running unbound /etc/resolv.conf is

# Begin /etc/resolv.conf

domain sierra

# End /etc/resolv.conf

lfs 8.0 not running unbound /etc/resolv.conf is

# Begin /etc/resolv.conf

domain madilee

# End /etc/resolv.conf

Another problem I've seen is sometimes when booting lfs SVN-20180323
when it gets to the part to start unbound the process will hang for a long
time until it eventually gives up and the boot continues but I will get the
problem of not having any dns working. The network will be up and show
me connected to the router but no dns. I'm an experienced linux user and
can usually figure things out but this one has me stumped. I'll work around
it by configuring everything manually but I like to solve problems and know
why things don't work right. I've rarely seen the google dns down so I don't
believe I have a problem there.

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